“I’m just having a bit of trouble creating an account. It won’t send me a key to my email”. Most of us have experienced this problem at least once in our Internet life. Haven’t we? Well we have a hint for you …

Let’s face it. Email is cool! The communication service is fast, it allows people to share ideas, exchange thoughts, express concern or love. Yes all these are pros of email. Some of us remember the times where SPAM happened so rarely, we barely cared. Well, times changed and now we’re glad if we receive something other than SPAM, don’t we? We have to send plenty of email. This means that we have to use third-party providers to make sure we’re efficient in delivering the messages to you. Sometimes something bad happens and your email provider thinks that the message from us is SPAM. And instead of reaching directly to your Inbox, the email is tagged as Junk.

If you happen to create an account and after a few minutes the Welcome Email is not there, try looking into your SPAM/Junk folder in your mailbox. There is a small possibility that the “Welcome email” was delivered over there. Have a look. If you still can’t find the message, feel free to contact us on support@fatdisco.com or using this contact form.

Please make sure you are communicating from the address that we have or we should have on file.