Read this if you plan to use FileZilla Pro with WebDav

While it’s been fantastic that FileZilla Pro added the WebDav functionality, it will not work with FatDisco out of the box. When set up the WebDav connection, the correct path to connect to us is: https://<username>

If you put that in the Host section, Filezilla Pro ignores the full path, and takes into account just the domain part (as you define the Host), hence instead of sending a connection:

PROPFIND /remote.php/webdav/ HTTP/1.1

It sends


Which results with the server responding with a 405 error and not allowing you to list the files properly.

To overcome this issue, you need to split the connection path into 2 elements:

1) https://<username>
2) /remote.php/webdav

Then use the first element as the “Host” definition on the General tab, and the second one as “Default remote directory” setting on the Advanced tab, as shown below:

If you still experience problems with FileZilla Pro, we encourage you to use the FatDisco Applications to manage your files.